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Corporate Kits, Stock Certificates and Embossing Seals are our business. The following is a list of vendors and resources that you may find helpful after you buy a corporate kit at

Please note the links listed below are offered as a helpful service, only. These companies do not represent CorpKit Legal Supplies. Information contained in these links are provided with the understanding that the CorpKit Legal Supplies is not rendering tax, accounting, legal service or any other type of advice. If the reader has specific questions, on the included forms, the services of a competent attorney, accountant or other professional licensed in the state of incorporation or other applicable jurisdiction should be secured.
    IRS Forms
  • The IRS Website for access to Resources, Business information and federal incorporation laws.
    Business Law Online
  • For over two decades William Howard Taft University has offered accredited distance learning graduate degree programs in law (Juris Doctor and Master of Laws), and business.
    La Toile des Toiles :
  • Multilingual International Directory (English - Spanish - French) that includes directories, search engines, and a lot more...
If you would like to be added to our resources list let us know. Please contact CorpKit Legal Supplies only if you have a resource that is directly related to corporate kits, business services or product that will be needed by a new start up company. Submit Link Request.

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