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1 1/4 - 1 1/2 Inch Binder Corporate Kits

1 1/4 - 1 1/2 Inch Binder Corporate Kits
These Binders have 1¼ to 1½ inch metal ring capacity approximate 2 inch (2") spine.


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Corporate Kit ThriftKit

ThriftKit Corporate Kit  Our most popular Kit. 
This Corporate Kit is a Minute Book Binder featuring:

  • Vinyl 3 "D" ring and matching slipcase.
  • Handy label holder on the spine for a gold leaf insert with the corporate name imprinted on it.
  • Inside cover has a pocket to hold additional important papers.
  • Hand embossing seal with company information on it and a seal pouch which gives the seal protection and storage when not in use.
  • Available Colors: Burgundy or Black

Corporate Kit Corpkit

CorpKit Corporate Kit
This Standard Corporate Kit Contains:

  • Standard binder with matching slipcase.
  • Entity name is stamped (horizontal, vertical straight or vertical sideways) on the spine of the binder.
  • Inside cover contains our exclusive pocket with holds addition forms as well as two business cards and a CD.
  • A 3 "D" metal ring with easy to open tabs that secure and organize important paperwork.
  • Embossing Seal and pouch that contains Company Information on it.
  • Available Colors: black or blue with gold or silver stamping, burgundy, green, and two tone burgundy & black with gold stamping.

Corporate Kit Majestic Kit for Single Class

The Majestic Kit Corporate Kit Eliminates The Slipcase
This Corporate Kit Contains:

  • A designed self-contained housing unit which gives a complete look and eliminates the need for a slipcase.
  • Heavy duty binder which will protect all your important documents and forms.
  • Entity name stamped in Gold on the Spine of the binder.
  • Hand Embossing seal and pouch containing the Company's information on it.
    Available Colors: Black or Burgundy.

Corporate Kit Hot Stamp ThriftKit

Thrift Kit Hot Stamp Corporate Kit Our most popular kit
This Corporate Hot Stamp Kit Contains:

  • This is a vinyl 3 "D" ring locking binder with a matching slipcase.
  • Name of Incorporation is Hot Stamped on the spine in Gold in three ways
    1. Vertical Straight
    2. Vertical Sideways
    3. Horizontal
  • Inside cover contains a pocket to hold any additional paperwork or documents
  • Hand embossing seal with company's name on it, comes with a seal pouch for storage and protection

Corporate Kit Royal Kit

The Royal Kit Corporate Kit
This Kit Features:

  • Rugged extra strength binder with metal hinges for extra durability (lasts a lifetime)
  • Entity name is hand embossed in Gold on the rounded spine of the binder.
  • Binder is attractively detailed in Gold and comes with a matching slipcase.
  • Inside cover comes with our exclusive pockets which hold additional papers, two business cards and a CD.
  • A hand embossing seal with company's information on it. It comes in a seal pouch for storage and protection.
  • Available Colors: black, green and two tone burgundy & black.

Corporate Kit VP Kit

The VP Corporate Kit
This Corporate Kit Contains:

  • A Very nice, heavy duty binder that is bound in Levant imitation leather.
  • Binder comes with a matching slipcase.
  • Three ring round metal that secures all your documents and forms.
  • Entity name is printed on a Gold Label and slid into the spine of the binder.
  • The face of the binder is stamped in gold with your choice of either "Company Records", "Corporate Records" or "Minute Book".
  • This Kit comes with a hand embossing seal with Companys information and a pouch to protect and house the seal when not in use.
  • Available Colors: Burgundy or Black.

Corporate Kit Execukit

ExecuKit Corporate Kit The Entrepreneur's Kit
This Corporate Kit Contains:
* Un-padded can be hot stamped with company name*.


  • A Vinyl zipper binder that is sewed and padded to provide great protection to forms and paperwork.
  • A nickel or brass plate is engraved with the entity name and placed on the face of the binder.
  • Both inside covers come with pockets to hold additional corporate documents, forms and paperwork.
  • The front inside cover comes with our exclusive pocket which allows to hold two business cards as well as a CD.
  • A company embossing seal also comes with this binder containing the company information on it.
  • Seal comes in a housing pouch that protects the seal and keeps it safe and together with the rest of the kit.
    This Kit comes in black only

Corporate Kit 3 Ring 1 1/2" Binder 1/4 Bind Leather Kit

The 3 Ring 1/4 bound leather Corporate Kit
These Very Impressive Binders Feature:

  • (1 1/2" CAPACITY WITH 2" SPINE)
  • Genuine 1/4 bound leather Spines
  • Binder corners accented in Gold plating
  • Upmost protection & design
  • Available Colors: Black and Burgundy & Black

Corporate Kit King Kit

The King Kit Corporate Kit (The Three Post Binder)
This Super Heavy Duty Kit is Virtually Indestructible Featuring:

  • Three Post Binding for maximum security
  • Gold Embossed Accents
  • Either Gold hand stamped or Gold Leaf Insert with Entity Name
    Truly Fit For A King


Corporate Kit 3 Ring Regal Leather Kit

The Regal Leather Corporate Kit (Three Ring Binder Genuine Leather Corporate Kit)
This Binder can only be described as impressive. This Beautiful Kit Features:

  • Gold Embossed rounded library spine
  • Old Style Classic "Hubs"
  • Entity Name hand embossed in Gold
  • 3 Ring binding for maximum strength and durability
  • Available Colors: Black, Burgundy or Red

Corporate Kit Post Regal Leather Kit

The Post Regal Leather Corporate Kit (Three Post Binder Genuine Leather Corporate Kit)
This Impressive Corporate Kit Features:

  • Beautiful Gold embossed rounded library spine.
  • Old Style Classic "Hubs" include: Entity Name Hand Embossed in Gold
  • Triple Post Binding ensuring maximum security, durability & style.
  • Available Colors: Burgundy, Black or Red

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