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1 1/4 - 1 1/2 Inch Binder Corporate Kits

1 1/4 - 1 1/2 Inch Binder Corporate Kits
These Binders have 1¼ to 1½ inch metal ring capacity approximate 2 inch (2") spine.


Corporate Kit ThriftKit

ThriftKit Corporate Kit  Our most popular Kit. 
This Corporate Kit is a Minute Book Binder featuring:

  • Vinyl 3 "D" ring and matching slipcase.
  • Handy label holder on the spine for a gold leaf insert with the corporate name imprinted on it.
  • Inside cover has a pocket to hold additional important papers.
  • Hand embossing seal with company information on it and a seal pouch which gives the seal protection and storage when not in use.
  • Available Colors: Burgundy or Black

Corporate Kit Corpkit

CorpKit Corporate Kit
This Standard Corporate Kit Contains:

  • Standard binder with matching slipcase.
  • Entity name is stamped (horizontal, vertical straight or vertical sideways) on the spine of the binder.
  • Inside cover contains our exclusive pocket with holds addition forms as well as two business cards and a CD.
  • A 3 "D" metal ring with easy to open tabs that secure and organize important paperwork.
  • Embossing Seal and pouch that contains Company Information on it.
  • Available Colors: black or blue with gold or silver stamping, burgundy, green, and two tone burgundy & black with gold stamping.

Corporate Kit Hot Stamp ThriftKit

Thrift Kit Hot Stamp Corporate Kit Our most popular kit
This Corporate Hot Stamp Kit Contains:

  • This is a vinyl 3 "D" ring locking binder with a matching slipcase.
  • Name of Incorporation is Hot Stamped on the spine in Gold in three ways
    1. Vertical Straight
    2. Vertical Sideways
    3. Horizontal
  • Inside cover contains a pocket to hold any additional paperwork or documents
  • Hand embossing seal with company's name on it, comes with a seal pouch for storage and protection

Corporate Kit Royal Kit

The Royal Kit Corporate Kit
This Kit Features:

  • Rugged extra strength binder with metal hinges for extra durability (lasts a lifetime)
  • Entity name is hand embossed in Gold on the rounded spine of the binder.
  • Binder is attractively detailed in Gold and comes with a matching slipcase.
  • Inside cover comes with our exclusive pockets which hold additional papers, two business cards and a CD.
  • A hand embossing seal with company's information on it. It comes in a seal pouch for storage and protection.
  • Available Colors: black, green and two tone burgundy & black.

Corporate Kit VP Kit

The VP Corporate Kit
This Corporate Kit Contains:

  • Heavy duty binder that is bound in Levant imitation leather.
  • Binder comes with a matching slipcase.
  • Three ring round metal that secures all your documents and forms.
  • Entity name is printed on a Gold Label and slid into the spine of the binder.
  • The face of the binder is stamped in gold with your choice of either "Company Records", "Corporate Records" or "Minute Book".
  • This Kit comes with a hand embossing seal with Companys information and a pouch to protect and house the seal when not in use.
  • Available Color: Black.

Corporate Kit Execukit

ExecuKit Corporate Kit The Entrepreneur's Kit
This Corporate Kit Contains:

  • A Vinyl zipper binder that is sewed and padded to provide great protection to forms and paperwork.
  • A nickel plate is engraved with the entity name and placed on the face of the binder.
  • Both inside covers come with pockets to hold additional corporate documents, forms and paperwork.
  • The front inside cover comes with our exclusive pocket which allows to hold two business cards as well as a CD.
  • A company embossing seal also comes with this binder containing the company information on it.
  • Seal comes in a housing pouch that protects the seal and keeps it safe and together with the rest of the kit.
    This Kit comes in black only

Corporate Kit Majestic Kit for Single Class

The Majestic Kit Corporate Kit Eliminates The Slipcase
This Corporate Kit Contains:

  • A designed self-contained housing unit which gives a complete look and eliminates the need for a slipcase.
  • Heavy duty binder which will protect all your important documents and forms.
  • Entity name stamped in Gold on the Spine of the binder.
  • Hand Embossing seal and pouch containing the Company's information on it.
    Available Colors: Black or Burgundy.

Corporate Kit 3 Ring 1 1/2" Binder 1/4 Bind Leather Kit

The 3 Ring 1/4 bound leather Corporate Kit
These Very Impressive Binders Feature:

  • (1 1/2" CAPACITY WITH 2" SPINE)
  • Genuine 1/4 bound leather Spines
  • Binder corners accented in Gold plating
  • Upmost protection & design
  • Available Colors: Burgundy & Black

Corporate Kit King Kit

The King Kit Corporate Kit (The Three Post Binder)
This Super Heavy Duty Kit is Virtually Indestructible Featuring:

  • Three Post Binding for maximum security
  • Gold Embossed Accents
  • Either Gold hand stamped or Gold Leaf Insert with Entity Name
    Truly Fit For A King


Corporate Kit Post Binder 1/4 Bind Leather Kit

Post Binder 1/4 Bind Leather Corporate Kit (Three Post Binder)
These Impressive Binders Feature:

  • Genuine 1/4 bind leather spines with Gold corner accents
  • A 3 Post Binder to maximize Security and durability
  • Available Color: Burgundy & Black

Corporate Kit 3 Ring Regal Leather Kit

The Regal Leather Corporate Kit (Three Ring Binder Genuine Leather Corporate Kit)
This Binder can only be described as impressive. This Beautiful Kit Features:

  • Gold Embossed rounded library spine
  • Old Style Classic "Hubs"
  • Entity Name hand embossed in Gold
  • 3 Ring binding for maximum strength and durability
  • Available Colors: Black, Burgundy or Red

Corporate Kit Post Regal Leather Kit

The Post Regal Leather Corporate Kit (Three Post Binder Genuine Leather Corporate Kit)
This Impressive Corporate Kit Features:

  • Beautiful Gold embossed rounded library spine.
  • Old Style Classic "Hubs" include: Entity Name Hand Embossed in Gold
  • Triple Post Binding ensuring maximum security, durability & style.
  • Available Colors: Burgundy, Black or Red

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