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Digital products from Corpkit Legal Supplies

Please open these files using Adobe Reader 9.0 or higher.

For XP we recommend Adobe Reader X and for Windows 7 and up Adobe Reader XI or DC.

Click this link to download Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Corpkit always stays on the forefront of our industry.  From Stocktracer, our corporate manager program, to our new E-Corpkit, a corporate kit sent by email in two hour,  we give you the ability to maximize your time and costs.  We offer complete corporate and LLC kits by email, or you can order stock or member certificates, corporate or LLC seals, or by-laws and operating agreements.  All orders are processed promptly and you will be emailed with your files "in two hour".  On the certificates we give you options, like the ability to issue the shares to the investors, add corporate seals, or office electronic signatures to the certificates to give your certificates the "big board look" for a fraction of the price.  The best part about an E-Corpkit is that since we do not ship anything there are no shipping costs.  If you still want the physical parts of the kit, binder, seal etc., we can email what you want and ship the balance. Please remember that if we do ship any of the kit, regular kit and shipping prices would apply.

Corpkit’s intent in sending these files to you is to print the files once, and not to print them multiple times. By agreeing, you will not print these files more than once, and you must follow the rules governing the issuing of these ownership certificates.  If you do not know the legality or rules of issuing the enclosed files, please contact a legal professional or anyone who is qualified to give you guidance in the state that the company was formed.

Corpkit's 2 hour processing time is an estimate and no guarantee. Processing time is based on orders received by us during normal work hours. Due to the nature of the product, all E-Products are not returnable for credit or refund.

All CorpKit emails are encrypted with SSL/TLS, the same security used by all banks and online retailers.  All of our messages and products are encrypted from our office to our email server using the best security available during transmission. We cannot ensure that all email servers will deliver our messages or products fully encrypted.  To be sure your email is encrypted you should contact your email service provider or systems administrator.  If your email server is not encrypted, all messages and attachments will be in clear text during transmission.  If you have any concerns about security or do not feel comfortable about receiving products through email, please order the products to be shipped on CD.

Disclaimer: The 2 hour processing time is limited to the Basic E-Corpkit and only during normal work hours:
Monday - Friday: 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM EST. (Except closed holidays)
If the order is placed after 5:00PM, it will be processed next business day.

To print the E-Certificate, you will need a color printer to get the full effect. For longevity we recommend using a color laser printer.


The following are our digital products:
▪ E-Corpkit
▪ E-Certificates
▪ E-Seals
▪ E-By-laws and E-Operating Agreement
▪ Stocktracer
▪ Templates for issuing certificates
electronic eagle stock certificate
You can issue the certificates on your screen
stock certificate wording on the back
Back wording
corporate kit labels

Corporate kit transfer ledger
Transfer ledger
Corporate kit bylaws or operating agreement
By-laws/Operating Agreements
Stock or membership certificates are emailed to you in PDF format  You need to have a color printer to be able to print the certificates --we recommend that you use a laser printer as opposed to an ink-jet printer for the quality of printing and longevity of the product.  You can print the borders including the certificate backs, and recording stubs. 
Each group of 20 certificates costs $36.00. Each additional certificate over 20 is $0.40 each.
                We also give additional options to add to the certificates for a nominal cost.
                        1)The ability to issue the certificates to the investors-- $20.00 additional.
                        2) Add the corporate or limited liability seal to the certificates-- $10.00 for the basic black and $20.00 for the gold 3D seal.
                        3) Add electronic signatures. Give your certificates the "Big Board Look" for a great price.  Please add $20.00

electronic Eagle Standard Certificate
electronic Standard Certificate
electronic Unti Certificate for LLC

electronic Not For Profit Certificate
Not For Profit/Non Profit

electronic Limited Liability Partnership Certificate
Member Certificate

electronic precise stock certificate

electronic elite stock certificate


more information about electronic certificates
Gold Seals

Corpkit can email to you the seal for your entity in digital form for use on your documents or certificates.  We offer the seals in two forms of PNG files, one a simple seal format in black or our new "3D" gold seal which would dress up any certificate or document.
Size: 1 5/8.

3D Gold Seals and Black Seals
State Specific By-Laws and Operating Agreements

We can personalize your By-Laws or Operating Agreement with the entity name inserted in the file and send it to you as a PDF file.

Our corporate manager program allows you to print and issue the stock or membership certificates to the investors from our Certificate blanks. It gives you an automated transfer ledger by company or investor, reminder notices of annual meeting, filing dates and much more.  We have a free 30 day trial if you are interested!
PDF Templates
PDF Templates online
If you already have the printed certificates, printed with entity name information by us, you can use these easy-to-use PDF templates which are downloadable to your computer for issuing the shares.
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