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               Corporate Kit Hot Stamp ThriftKit
Hot stamp thrift corporate kit for single class Hot stamped text direction Thriftkit Black for Corporation Thriftkit Burgundy for Corporation Thriftkit slipcase black Thriftkit slipcase burgundy Inside of Thriftkit Pocket/Desk seal Eagle certificate

ThriftKit Corporate Kit

This is a Vinyl with 3 angle D ring with and a matching slipcase
Incorporation name will be Hot Stamped in three optional ways: Vertical straight, Vertical Sideways or Horizontal, on the spine of the binder.
Inside cover has our exclusive pocket to hold additional important papers, two business cards and a CD.
This kit comes with a hand embossing seal which contains the company's information on it.
The seal comes protected in a seal pouch for storage when not in use.
Available in: Burgundy or Black

Corpkit Store Now Features: Pressure sensitive Custom gold Die Cut Company Seals with all your incorporation information preprinted on it. What an impressive way to present and issue the corporate stock certificates to your clients!!.
 $8.95 per sheet of 20 seals

Order Form Instructions for your corporate kit
* When filling out this order form a "*" to the left of the option indicates Required Fields listed below in the corporate kit order form.
* Type Entity Name exactly as you wish it to appear on the Stock Certificates & Binder.
* Year always applies for your corporate kit, except for California and Hawaii which require Mo. Day, Yr.
* Signature Titles are listed in ranking order of the officers of the Corporation. The highest ranking officer is placed on the bottom right of the Stock Certificate, followed by bottom left, top right and top left.
Secretary            Treasurer
Vice President     President

*NEW Look for replacement parts in the Deletions section of the form. This is for customers who have previously ordered a corporate kit from CorpKit and have to replace Name or State Items that were ordered incorrectly.

* Click the link for "View Detail Images" for sample of vertical sideways and vertical straight.
* All Entity names stamped vertically sideways or vertically straight must be in capital letters.

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Weight 5.00 lbs
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Email for E-Seal Only
Gold Wafer Seals
* Entity
* Entity Name
* State
* Year
* Color
* Class
* Total Authorized Shares
*Par Value
* Signer
* Signer
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video How to put an embossing seal together and apart

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