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Nonprofit Electronic Digital kit

Nonprofit Electronic Digital kit
Corpkit can e-mail to you the printed documents in PDF form, that you need today. Order today, sent to you in an hour.
A basic E-corpkit TM includes:
  • Printing instructions
  • By-laws
  • 20 Certificates with back file
  • Stock ledger
  • Certificate stub sheet
  • Basic company seal (.jpg)
  • Company name file to insert in your own binder
  • You can also order them so you can issue the certificates to the investors right on the PDF file.
    Each border style is available in 6 different colors: green, blue, red, brown, orange, purple.
    You can upgrade your e-kit to Gold E-Corpkit TM.
  • God 3-D Company seal placed on the certificates
  • You electronic signature lines on the certificates
  • On screen issuing the certificates to the investors.
  • An email with a link to your personalized kit will allow print all of the material you would normally get when ordering a full kit less the binder and no shipping fees.


    Electronic Digital Not-for-Profit/Nonprofit Kit

    CorpKit Non Profit Kit -We offer you all of the printed parts if a Corporate or Limited Liability kit, emailed to you in pdf and .jpeg format "within an hour".

    video How to put an embossing seal together and apart

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