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Corpkit 2" Custom Minute Book

 Corpkit 2" Custom Minute Book
2" corpkit style minute book binder 2" blue binders with slipcase 2" black binders with slipcase 2" minute book ring Hot stamping text direction 2" burgundy binders with slipcase

The Corpkit Line for Extra Capacity 2" Minute Book This minute book binder has a Specially Designed Inside cover pocket to hold additional important papers, 2 Business Cards & a CD. Also has 2" binder mechanism for additional capacity .
Add a slipcase or minute paper for an additional charge.

Available in Black, Burgundy or Blue.

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*When typing Name of Entity type it exactly as you wish it to appear on the Binder.

The spine of this binder measures 3".
The ring capacity is 2".

SKU 2MC1  
Weight 2.50 lbs
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From: $ 58.00

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