Gold E-Kits

Gold E-Kits

We offer you all of the printed parts of a Corporate or Limited Liability kit, emailed to you in pdf and .jpeg format "within an hour" (estimated average turnaround time). we have two types of E-Corpkit's to choose from--our basic E-Corpkit and our Gold E-Corpkit.
To print the E-Certificate, you will need a color printer to get the full effect. For longevity, we recommend using a color laser printer. Standard Electronic Kit image Gold E-Corpkit™ include the following: ▪ Printing instructions ▪ By-Laws or Operating Agreement ▪ 20 certificates ▪ Recording stubs ▪ Basic seal ▪ Back wording files ▪ Stock or member ledger ▪ Company name file to insert in your own binder ▪ Ability to issue the certificate to the investors ▪ Add the Gold "3D seal to the certificate and upgrade the basic seal file to the gold ▪ 1 Separate seal file in JPG format. ▪ Add electronic signatures to the certificate

electronic digital company seal image
Black seal

Back wording

Stub Sheet


Transfer ledger

Ability to issue
Ability to issue
Gold Seal Image
Gold Seal
E-signature Sample
Signature on the certificate

Disclaimer: The 2 hours processing time is limited to the Basic E-Corpkit and only during normal work hours:
Monday - Friday: 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM EST. (Except closed holidays)
If the order is placed after 5:00PM, it will be processed next business day.

video How to put an embossing seal together and apart

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