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Post Binder LLC Kits

Post Binder LLC Kits


Limited Liability Company Kit 3 Ring Regal Leather

The 3 Ring Regal Leather Limited Liabilty Kit Three Post Genuine Leather Kit
This Binder Can Only Be Described As Impressive, It Features:

  • Gold Embossed Rounded Library Spine
  • Old Style Classic "Hubs"
  • Entity Name Hand Embossed in Gold
  • 3 Ring Binding For Maximum Strength & Durability
  • Available Colors: Black, Burgundy & Red

Limited Liability Company Kit Post Binder 1/4 Bind Leather Kit

The Post Binder 1/4 Bind Leather Spine Three Post Binder
These Binders are Very Impressive, Featuring:

  • 1 1/2 post capacity with a 2" spine
  • 1/4 Bind Genuine Leather Spines
  • Gold Accented Coner Plating
  • Triple Post Binder Providing Maximum Security and Durability
  • Very Stylish Design
  • Availabile In Only Two Toned Burgundy & Black

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