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  • Higher Quality Products Direct from the Manufacturer.
  • All genuine Corpkit Eagle or Standard certificates come with copy protection technology. When photocopied, the word "COPY" will be printed across the page. They come as a standard in our corporate/LLC kit line at no additional charge. *This excludes our Hot Buy items.
  • Custom Corporate Kits, LLC Kits, Partnership Kits, Not-for Profit Kits.
  • Stock Certificates, Membership Certificates, Partnership Certificates & Public Issue Certificates also Available.
  • Corporate Seals, Notary Seals, Notary Supplies, Rubber Stamps.
  • Kits have 15 Styles to choose from, All Kits are available for all 50 States.
  • Do-it-yourself line lets you Customize your Kits and Minute Books.
  • 40 states specific By-Laws And Operating Agreements.
  • Same Day Shipping.


Corporate Kits & Corporate Supplies from CorpKit® Legal Supplies

Featured products

StockMaker Precise Corporation

These genuine Precise certificates come in the following colors: Green, Blue, Red, Brown, and Orange.

Price Summary
Quantity Price
25 $49.95
50 $69.95
100 $89.95



EZ Snap Cover Sets with Free Stamping

EZ Snap Cover Sets
This is a bundle cover set that gives you an ez snap kit without all the paperwork and tabs.
It includes:

  • Front cover, (With or Without Window)
  • Back cover with back pocket and instruction sheet
  • Ez Snap spine, which comes in 3 different sizes.
    Available colors: Blue or Black

**PLEASE NOTE: The price listed below is a Bundle Price of a minimum of 25 sets!
Please see inside the order form for additional information and bundle price listings!**

Corporate Hot Buy Kit Junior Thrift Kit

Junior  Thrift Kit - Corporate Vinyl Kit
Round ring binder with "Company Records" Printed on the front Cover.
Gold label holder on the spine for you Company's Entity Name.
10 Customized top stubs certificates.
Available only in: Black 

Off The Shelf Estate Planning Portfolio (Displayed Price is For 4 Portfolios)

Off The Shelf Estate Planning Portfolios
New to our Estate Binder Line, is our Off the Shelf Estate Planning binders for your client's estates.
These very elegant padded 3 D ring binders feature:

  • Three capacities: 1", 1.5" and 2.5".
  • Inside cover has our exclusive pocket that holds additional paperwork, 2 business cards and a CD.
    Available Colors: Red or Blue

**PLEASE NOTE: The price displayed is a Bundle Price for 4 Estate Portfolios!
Please see inside the order form for additional details and bundle prices!**

Corpkit Catalog for 2013

Corpkit Catalog for 2013

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