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  • Higher Quality Products Direct from the Manufacturer.
  • All genuine Corpkit Eagle or Standard certificates come with copy protection technology. When photocopied, the word "COPY" will be printed across the page. They come as a standard in our corporate/LLC kit line at no additional charge. *This excludes our Hot Buy items.
  • Custom Corporate Kits, LLC Kits, Partnership Kits, Not-for Profit Kits.
  • Stock Certificates, Membership Certificates, Partnership Certificates & Public Issue Certificates also Available.
  • Corporate Seals, Notary Seals, Notary Supplies, Rubber Stamps.
  • Kits have 15 Styles to choose from, All Kits are available for all 50 States.
  • Do-it-yourself line lets you Customize your Kits and Minute Books.
  • 40 states specific By-Laws And Operating Agreements.
  • Same Day Shipping.


Corporate Kits & Corporate Supplies from CorpKit® Legal Supplies

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StockMaker Precise Corporation

These genuine Precise certificates come in the following colors: Green, Blue, Red, and Brown.

Price Summary
Quantity Price
25 $49.95
50 $69.95
100 $89.95



EZ Snap Cover Sets with Free Stamping

EZ Snap Cover Sets
This is a bundle cover set that gives you an ez snap kit without all the paperwork and tabs.
It includes:

  • Front cover, (With or Without Window)
  • Back cover with back pocket and instruction sheet
  • Ez Snap spine, which comes in 3 different sizes.
    Available colors: Blue or Black

**PLEASE NOTE: The price listed below is a Bundle Price of a minimum of 25 sets!
Please see inside the order form for additional information and bundle price listings!**

Off The Shelf Estate Planning Portfolio (Displayed Price is For 4 Portfolios)

Off The Shelf Estate Planning Portfolios
New to our Estate Binder Line, is our Off the Shelf Estate Planning binders for your client's estates.
These very elegant padded 3 D ring binders feature:

  • Three capacities: 1", 1.5" and 2.5".
  • Inside cover has our exclusive pocket that holds additional paperwork, 2 business cards and a CD.
    Available Colors: Red or Blue

**PLEASE NOTE: The price displayed is a Bundle Price for 4 Estate Portfolios!
Please see inside the order form for additional details and bundle prices!**