How do I order my Corporate Kit or Corporate Supplies?

There are many different choices when ordering corporate supplies choose the method that is appropriate for you.

Web Order Form - The most efficient way to order. Our secure site has user friendly order forms that make ordering simplistic. This eliminates unclear faxes and misinterpretations over the phone. You will also receive a confirmation for your records that we have received your order with a ship date.

Phone - 888-888-9120. Our courteous representatives are here to assist you when ordering your Corporate Kit or Incorporation Supplies.

Fax - 888-777-4617. You may pre-print an order form and fax it to us, or call and ask us to fax you an order form.

E-mail- Send us the information and we will process your order.

When will my Incorporation Supplies Ship?

Our in-house manufacturing gives us a distinct advantage over our competitors.

All orders Received by 5 p.m. EST are shipped same day.

All orders Received by 5 p.m. EST and are shipped by air

(UPS next morning, next afternoon and 2nd day) are shipped same day.

Have an urgent request our phones are available until 6 p.m. eastern standard time call us and we will try our best to ship your order same day.

How long until I receive my Incorporation Supplies?

Refer to the above references to when the Incorporation Supplies will ship. All products will be delivered Monday thru Friday. The following is an estimated time of delivery.

UPS Next Morning - Should be received the following business day by 12 noon.

UPS Next Afternoon - Should be received by close of business the following business day.

UPS 2nd Day - Should be received by the end of the 2nd business day.

UPS Ground Service - Should be received within 5 business days depending upon location.

*Please note some express services are not available at all locations. We will try to contact you immediately if the service you have selected is not available. If this is an express service for next day delivery we will automatically upgrade you to the best available service and charge the appropriate fees if we are unable to contact you.

What is the difference in the Corporate Kits?

CorpKit© Legal Supplies gives you one of the largest selections of Corporate Kits in the Nation. There are 13 different styles of Corporate Kits with various sizes and colors to choose from. There is one basic difference in all the corporate kits. As you spend a little extra money the quality of the binder improves. With the exception of the Folio Kit the contents within a corporate kit are the same. Below is a brief description of the binder choices (more detailed descriptions are found within the links to the individual kits).

ThriftKit Our Least Expensive Kit - Vinyl 3 - Ring Binder with a gold label insert that is imprinted with the entity name.

CorpKit© Corporate Kit - Leather Look 3 - Ring Binder with the name of the entity permanently hot stamped with gold foil on the spine of the binder. The inside pocket has a unique design that holds papers, CD & business cards.

Tri-Kit Line for Extra Capacity Binders - An extension of the CorpKit© Line these Leather Look hot stamped binders are available in 1 1/4", 2" and 3" Capacities.

Royal Kit -this Rugged, Extra Strength Binder with Durable Metal Hinges, which will last a lifetime. The Name of the Entity is Hand Embossed in gold on a rounded spine. This Binder is attractively detailed in gold and comes with a matching slipcase.

ExecuKit Corporate Kit - The entrepreneurs kit features a padded leather look binder with zipper enclosure. The name of the entity is engraved on a brass plate and affixed to the face of the binder.

Folio Kit New Innovative Design - This binder has a unique European design. The name is engraved on a brass plate and affixed to the face of the binder. The inside pocket has a unique design that holds papers, CD & business cards. Available in two different styles the Deluxe Folio and the Basic Folio.

Majestic Kit - eliminates the slipcase. Designed as a self-contained unit this 1 1/4" locking "D" 3 ring binder with extra strength construction which provides a complete package to house all your pertinent business records.

Legend Kit - This 1 1/4" 3 Ring Binder is detailed in Gold, with the Name of the Entity printed vertically in gold on the spine. The extra heavy duty cover and rounded spine with concealed rivets comes with a slipcase to ensure added protection.

VP Corporate Kit - is a Heavy Duty Record Book bound in Red or Black levant imitation leather. The face of the binder is detailed in gold with " "Corporate Records" or "Company Records" A window label on the spine of the book gives you the flexibility to change the Name of the Entity. The rounded metal spine with concealed rivets makes this kit an "old style" looking kit with all the modern features of today.

King Kit Corporate Kit - This extra heavy duty design makes it virtually indestructible. Triple post binding gives you extra security...all displayed in burgundy and black, with gold embossed accents.

Excalibur 2 Post Binder -This Two post binder with 6" center to center hole spacing, gives you extra protection. Also provided with your kit is a handy gold label with the name of the entity printed on it. The face of the binder is detailed in gold with "Company Records", "Corporate Records" or "Minute Book.

Regal Genuine Leather Kit - This beautiful gold embossed rounded library spine, with old style classic "Hubs" includes Hand Embossing of the Entity Name in gold. A triple post binding gives you extra security, durability and style.

What is included in a Corporate Kit?


* Customized Stock Certificates imprinted with Entity Name, Authorized Issue of the Incorporation and additional pertinent Information.
* Stock Certificate Transfer Ledger or Limited Liability Company Membership Rolls.
* Plain Minute Paper Included, Minutes and Bylaws or Operating Agreement Pre-Printed or on Diskette available for an additional discounted charge.
* 1 5/8"" Metal Corporate Embossing Foldaway Seal
* Special Forms including Federal Forms, IRS requirements for sub chapter S election, Medical and Dental reimbursement plan, Section 1244 information, and suggested meeting forms.
* Custom Minute Book Binder imprinted with name of Incorporation.
* Matching Slipcase when applicable.

What order form should I use?

CorpKit© Legal Supplies gives your four distinct choices when ordering your Corporate Kit:

Single Class Corporation - for Companies with only 1 class of Stock Includes: Corporation, Close Corporation, Professional Corporation, Not-for-Profit, Non-Profit and Association.

Multiple Class Corporation - for Corporations with more than one Class of Stock Includes: Corporation, Close Corporation, Professional Corporation .

Limited Liability Company - Includes: Limited Liability Company, Limited Liability Partnership, Professional Limited Liability Company and Limited Company.
Partnership - General Partnership and Limited Partnership.

Does my Corporate Kit come with a Corporate Seal?

All corporate kits with the exception of the Basic Folio include the Corporate Seal.

What is a Custom Gold Wafer Seal?

New Revolutionary Pressure Sensitive Gold Wafer Seals which has all your company information preprinted on it. Each sheet of 20 is available for the discount price of $ 5.95 with a kit purchase. This is an impressive way to present and issue the Share Certificates to your clients. Gold wafer seals are also available in the Corporate Seal section.

What is the PDF Certificate Template CD?

The template allows you to easily personalize and issue Stock Certificates in any available True Font.

Some of the areas you can personalize are:

* Number Certificates
* Insert name you are issuing shares to
* In both numeric and alphabetically list the number of shares being issued on the certificate
* Issue date can be inserted
* Import the information and add the address so that you can print the stub on any plain paper.

The template can not be used to insert company name to certificates.
** This Template will only work with CorpKit© Customized Stock Certificates.

How do I open an Account with CorpKit© Legal Supplies?

Accounts are available only to customers that will have repeat orders. Simply request in the comments section that you would like an account opened and a representative will contact you. We will need a faxed or e-mail Company Letter Head requesting that we open the account. An e-mail address, billing address and account representative name. If you would like to have credit with CorpKit© Legal Supplies you will need to fill out a credit application.

What information will I need when filling out an order form?

Articles of Incorporation - The Articles of Incorporation is usually a basic form that contains information about your corporation, the stock it issues, its appointed representative, and its organizer. It is filed with a state agency responsible for corporations. The articles of incorporation go by different names in some states. It may be called a certificate of incorporation, charter, articles of organization, or similar title. You will be able to obtain the majority of information needed to fill out an order form within the Articles of Incorporation.

Terms and Definitions

Minutes - Whenever a meeting of directors or shareholders is held, a record of what was discussed is kept. This record is known as the minutes of the meeting. Minutes are included with the bylaws. See below.

Bylaws & Operating Agreements- are the internal rules by which the corporation, partnership or Limited Liability Company operates. CorpKit© has and extensive selection available at a discounted rate with the purchase of your Corporate Kit available both pre-printed or on Disk. You may also order this product separately in the Do-it-Yourself line.

Authorized Shares - This is the total number of shares your corporation will ever have. This number is stated in the articles of incorporation. You can only change this number with the approval of a majority of shareholders and by amending the articles of incorporation. When authorized shares are "given out" to the shareholders, they become "issued" shares.

Omit - When selecting stock certificate class or par value you are given the option to "omit" this will allow you to make no reference on the stock certificate to either the class and/or par value.

Stock Certificate Class - There are many different types of stock (shares) your corporation can issue. Common stock is what corporations usually issue to shareholders. Common stockholders receive a pro-rata share of the corporation's assets upon its dissolution. Common stock can be voting, or nonvoting. Holders of voting common stock get to elect the directors of the corporation, and thereby exercise control of the corporation. Holders of nonvoting common stock do not get to elect the directors, but they still receive their pro-rata share of the corporation's assets upon its dissolution. Common stockholders are eligible to receive quarterly dividends if corporate profits allow.

Multiple Class Reflecting Stock Certificates - Up to 4 classes of Stock Appear on the face of each Certificate with a Total Authorized issue in the Center of the Certificate. The Certificates are typically differentiated by color, prefix & the fully paid line (i.e. fully paid and non-assessable shares of Common Stock). There is an additional charge of $10 per class, if you are ordering 3 or more classes there will additional fees for the extra certificates provided.

Multiple Class Non-Reflecting Stock Certificates - Only 1 Class will be placed on each Separate book of 20 Certificates There will be no Total Authorized issue listed on the Certificate Books (this would not apply since the shares are listed on separate Stock Certificate books). The Certificates are typically differentiated by color, prefix & the fully paid line (i.e. fully paid and non-assessable shares of Preferred Stock). There is an additional charge of $34.00 per book of 20 Certificates. One book of Certificates are included with the Kit.

Par Value - Par value of stock is a bookkeeping term that basically equates to price. If a share of stock has a par value of one dollar, then one dollar per share must be given to the corporation in order to purchase the stock. Buying 1,000 shares of stock with a $1 par value, will cost you $1,000. Stock can sell above or below its par value, but usually not on newly issued shares. No par stock is stock without par value, or a fixed price per share. No par stock can be issued at any price (what buyers will pay for it) since it does not have a fixed "face" value.

Clauses - Clauses are restrictions placed on the Corporation and can usually be found within the Articles of Incorporation. Most stock certificates do not require clauses. The most common clauses can be found on the order form. You may elect to type in your own clause by choosing clause other. We will then place your special clause directly on the Stock Certificate for you.

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