VP Kit Combo

   VP Kit Combo
VP Combo Corporate Records & Minute Book VP Combo

VP Kit Combo Heavy Duty Minute Book

Included in the VP Kit Combo:

* A sturdy Black or Burgundy 1 1/2" Levant Imitation Leather 3 Ring binder detailed in gold.
* Choice of "Corporate Records", "Minutes" or "Company Records" embossed in
  Gold on the face of the Binder.
* Matching Slipcase
* 10 Standard Wording Certificates
* Separation Tabs
* Stock Transfer Ledger or Membership Roll Sheets

A handy label holder in the Spine of the Minute Book Binder gives you the flexibility to add the Entity Name to the Minute Book Binder. This innovative concept gives a totally "off the shelf" kit that can be customized at a moments notice.

Don't forget to order Gold Label Paper for the Spine of the Binder.

Weight 2.50 lbs
Front Cover Style
Ship to
From: $ 40.95
Quantity Price
10-24 Items $ 39.95
25-99 Items $ 32.95
100+ Items $ 31.95
Note: you must order at least 2 items

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