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  • Higher Quality Products Direct from the Manufacturer.
  • All genuine Corpkit Eagle or Standard certificates come with copy protection technology. When photocopied, the word "COPY" will be printed across the page. They come as a standard in our corporate/LLC kit line at no additional charge. *This excludes our Hot Buy items.
  • Custom Corporate Kits, LLC Kits, Partnership Kits, Not-for Profit Kits.
  • Stock Certificates, Membership Certificates, Partnership Certificates & Public Issue Certificates also Available.
  • Corporate Seals, Notary Seals, Notary Supplies, Rubber Stamps.
  • Kits have 15 Styles to choose from, All Kits are available for all 50 States.
  • Do-it-yourself line lets you Customize your Kits and Minute Books.
  • 40 states specific By-Laws And Operating Agreements.
  • Same Day Shipping.


Corporate Kits & Corporate Supplies from CorpKit® Legal Supplies

Featured products

Corporate Kit Corpkit

CorpKit Corporate Kit
This Standard Corporate Kit Contains:

  • Standard Binder with matching Slipcase
  • Entity Name is Stamped (Horizontal, Vertical Straight or Vertical Sideways) on the spine of the binder
  • Inside cover contains our exclusive pocket with holds addition forms as well as two business cards and a CD
  • A 3 "D" locking metal ring with easy to open tabs that secure and organize important paperwork
  • Embossing Seal and pouch that contains Company's Information on it
    Available Colors: Black with Gold, Black with Silver, Blue with gold, Blue with silver, Burgundy, Green, Burgundy&Black and Burgundy&Green

Corporate Kit 3 Ring Regal Leather Kit

The Regal Leather Corporate Kit (Three Ring Binder Genuine Leather Corporate Kit)
This Binder can only be described as impressive. This Beautiful Kit Features:

  • Gold Embossed rounded library spine
  • Old Style Classic "Hubs"
  • Entity Name hand embossed in Gold
  • 3 Ring binding for maximum strength and durability
  • Available Colors: Black, Burgundy or Red

Corporate Kit ThriftKit

ThriftKit Corporate Kit  Our most popular Kit. 
This Corporate Kit is a Minute Book Binder featuring:

  • Vinyl 3 locking "D" ring and Matching Slipcase.
  • Handy label holder on the spine for a gold leaf insert with the Corporate Name imprinted on it.
  • Inside cover has a pocket to hold additional important papers.
  • Hand embossing seal with Company's information on it.
  • Seal comes in a seal pouch for storage and protection when not in use.
    Available Colors: Burgundy and Black

Slim Line Corporate Kit

Slim Line - Corporate Kit
Our new 1/2" round ring "Slim Line" binder gives you enough storage for your small corporation without the bulk of a larger binder.

Kit Includes:
* Binder with gold label.
* With plain minute paper (25 sheets)
* Printed Bylaws/operating agreements or on CD "PDF" (no paper for printing the bylaws/operating agreement will be included if you get them on CD) for an additional fee.
* 20 peel and stick gold wafer seals.
* 10 top stub certificates (certificate issuing PDF's can be found on our website).
* Tabs specific to your entity type (6 or 7 position depending upon formation).
* Member or transfer ledger.

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Corporate Kit Hot Buy Section

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